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Neck Labels

Neck label branding is available for certain Apparel items. Look out for the items with tear-away labels; you can find their relevant branding options on the ‘Branding’ tab on the product page. You can have neck labels printed on demand with your orders.

Neck Label Branding Cost (per unit – on demand): AED 10

Expecting larger volumes? Save big on Neck Label branding by opting to pre-print them in bulk instead. These rates include storage & application of your labels as well. Note, this quantity would be split in sizes. For example if you want 100 labels in 5 sizes, there would be 20 each of S, M, L etc.

50 Neck Labels: AED 300 (AED 6 each)
100 Neck Labels: AED 500 (AED 5 each)
250 Neck Label: AED 1,000 (AED 4 each)
500 Neck Labels: AED 1,500 (AED 3 each)
1000 Neck Labels: AED 2,000 (AED 2 each)

Shipping Label

Our shipping label / courier airway bill will have Your Store Name as the Shipper name. The address will be that of our printing facility where your orders are shipped from for courier compliance and returns management. This is included for all orders at no additional fee. Enjoy full white-label with no mention of Merchful anywhere.

Shipping Bag Stickers

Branding the shipping bag with a sticker of your logo/brand is now available for you. Check out the prices below. These include free Storage in our facility and no extra Sticker Application charges per order.

A) Small 5x5cm stickers

  • 50pcs @ AED 175
  • 100pcs @ AED 250
  • 250pcs @ AED 400
  • 500pcs @ AED 600

B) Large 15x15cm stickers

  • 50pcs @ AED 500
  • 100pcs @ AED 700
  • 250pcs @ AED 1,250
  • 500pcs @ AED 2,000
                                       (Please note these are round or square stickers only)  

Bulk Neck Label/Shipping Stickers Request Form

Allowed file types: png, jpg, pdf, psd, ai, eps - Max 5mb

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