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How to place an order?

After you logged into your Merchful profile, you can place orders for samples or once live, customer orders with Merchful. For platforms where an integration is available, such as Shopify, customer orders will be sync’d to Merchful automatically, but you can still use the steps below to place orders for new products or samples.  To …

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Benefits of Print-on-Demand

When setting up a brand, store or merch line, one of the major questions is, should I print-on-demand and drop-ship? or just go order some stock and start shipping myself? In almost all cases, Print on Demand is the way to go! There may be a very limited few cases where bulk orders may work …

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What are Print-on-Demand services?

Looking to sell your designs or brand merchandise online and don’t know where to start? Don’t sweat, Print on demand is your answer and we at Merchful are here to help! Print-on-Demand (also referred to as POD) is the go-to solution for artists, brands and influencers to create their own merchandise line without having to invest …

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What is Merchful?

Merchful is a Print-on-Demand & Fulfillment service tailored to the Middle East. Our priority is to allow stores to focus on their brand, designs and marketing instead of all the operational and logistics on the back-end. This is why you don’t have to fret about your selling, printing, branding and shipping needs since we are …

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