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Benefits of Print-on-Demand

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When setting up a brand, store or merch line, one of the major questions is, should I print-on-demand and drop-ship? or just go order some stock and start shipping myself? In almost all cases, Print on Demand is the way to go! There may be a very limited few cases where bulk orders may work better, however it really depends on your business model and circumstances. Some of they key benefits and differences for each are listed below.

Print On Demand & Fulfillment

Ordering Bulk & Carrying Inventory

  1. Easy & quick to set-up
  2. Lower investment, lower risk
  3. POD allows you to experiment with multiple designs with little to no risk involved
  4. Less accumulation of dead stock
  5. No storage costs with little to no inventory held up
  6. More adaptive to market conditions and changes
  7. Hands-off fulfilment, focus on your brand/business and let experts handle the rest
  8. Ability to switch to a hybrid model of print on demand and bulk ordering for high-demand products
  1. Requires extra careful consideration of products and printing methods before ordering stock
  2. Requires capital to buy inventory and set up operational and fulfillment processes
  3. Reduced agility and flexibility when it comes to launching designs or new collections
  4. Risk of accumulation of dead stock
  5. Requires setting up contracts with courier companies
  6. Lower per unit cost when buying in bulk
  7. Ability to sell/supply to retail stores or on consignment

As you can see, printing on demand provides many key benefits for the modern e-commerce startup, influencers or branded merchandise. It’s low risk, flexible, you only pay when you get orders and you don’t have to worry about inventory or shipping. Even if you expect to grow to a high number of sales, we provide a hybrid option that is discussed on a case-by-case basis where high-selling products can be produced in bulk to save you costs and provide some of the benefits of bulk ordering yet still without the disadvantages of having to manage stock and shipping. Feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss in more detail should you have any specific questions related to this.

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