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How to Edit/Cancel my order

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Once you place an order and the payment is settled, our production team starts processing the order at the earliest either the same or next working day. We do this to minimize order lead times, so we can ship orders to your customers as quick as possible. It is important to ensure accuracy of order submissions for this reason. 

However, once you place an order, you still have the option to edit or cancel it until it goes into ‘In Process’ status. Orders can go in process within a minimum of 2 working hours from the time of placing the order. Please see below for scenarios and what to do in each.

A) Less than 2 hours since placing the order

You can submit this form to mention the updates you require to make, or to cancel the order

B) More than 2 hours since placing the order

Please contact your customer success representative at Merchful to ensure changes or cancellations are received at the earliest possible. If it is possible to make changes or cancel we would be happy to assist, or if not we will inform you accordingly.

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