Can you customize packaging under my brand-name?

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We currently offer branding options on the packaging such as shipping bag stickers. The below prices include the stickers, storage and application for each order. We will be adding more options in the future but feel free to contact us should you have any specific requirements.

A) 5x5cm stickers

  • 50pcs @ AED 5/- each
  • 100pcs @ AED 4/- each
  • 250pcs @ AED 3/- each
  • 500pcs @ AED 2/- each

B) 15x15cm stickers

  • 50pcs @ AED 10/- each
  • 100pcs @ AED 7/- each
  • 250pcs @ AED 5/- each
  • 500pcs @ AED 4/- each
(Please note these are round or square stickers only)
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