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How it works?

The Shopify integration links your store and selected products with the Merchful platform automatically; which means once you receive an order on your store, it will be forwarded to us directly and once we accept the order we will print, pack, ship it to your customer, noting that the customer wouldn’t know that it came from us.

On the other hand if you’re a previous or existing user for printful, that would be easier for you to install your Shopify integration with Merchful!! as you’re already half way through preparations to start using it! If you want to know how, please read below 😉

What needs to be done before setting-up the Shopify integration?

You need to prepare few easy steps before setting-up the integration as below:
1-  Send us your product list and designs.
2- Install the Merchful Shopify app.
3- Link your products to Merchful.

oh Voila! that’s it!! But Hi, do you need more clarification for the above? At your service!

1. Send us your product list and designs
We just need the mock-ups & Art works 
A) Download the mock-ups “if you don’t have them already”
– Task bar > Apps > Printful > Product templates > View product > Download mockup.
Download the art-work uploaded with the maintained quality from
– Dashboard bar > More > File Library > Drop box
C) Place each design file & mock-up in the folder related to each product and the folder should be named after the product’s SKU. “If it’s too hard or confusing for you, you may ask our representative to help you make it”
D) Export your products list 
Task bar > Apps > Printful > Products > Export > Export selected

A) Artwork + Mockup ” Same folder – Named after the SKU “
B) Product list export ” CSV or XLXS “

2. Install the Merchful Shopify Application

 A) Login to your store platform on Shopify
 B) Install the Merchful application on your Shopify store (the install link will be provided by your Merchful representative
 C) Ensure all of your Shopify products are having the correct SKU you shared with us.
 D) Confirm with our representative that your products are already placed on the Merchful platform

3. Link your products to Merchful

 A) Open the Merchful app from your Shopify Admin Apps section
 B) Go to “Products” and click “Add Product”. You can also click “Add Product” right from the Dashboard
 C) Select all the products you want to add for POD & Fulfillment by Merchful, and click Add on the top
 D) Merchful will now review all submitted products to ensure the details and SKUs match the Product Creation sheet (this takes approximately 1-2 working days at most). 
 E) Once the products are approved they are marked ‘Active’. Once a product is active, any orders you receive for that product will be received by Merchful for fulfillment


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