December Holidays and Christmas Cutoff Dates

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We will be mostly closed during the UAE Commemoration and National Day holidays in line with the private sector holidays announced by the UAE Government. Details of our operational availability is in the below table.

Tuesday, December 1st 2020Partially Operational (printing & fulfillment)
Wednesday, December 2nd 2020Closed
Thursday, December 3rd 2020Closed
Friday, December 4th 2020Closed
Saturday, December 5th 2020 – onwardsOpen (all departments)

Christmas Delivery Cut-off Dates

Please ensure all orders are submitted with all necessary details/payment by the below dates to ensure shipment in-time for Christmas based on the shipping address. The cut-off dates are provided based on our experience, input from our courier partners and estimated shipping timelines to various locations. While the dates include a little bit of buffer, note that it does not account for any unexpected courier company related delays or border/customs related issues. We will of course make every effort to print, ship and have orders delivered even beyond cut-off wherever possible with our standard processing lead times of 2-3 working days.

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