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How can I brand my orders?

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It’s time to increase your brand recognition and recall with our extensive branding options! Merchful adapts a white-labeled service which means Merchful will print and showcase the branding requested by you without having Merchful’s name visible anywhere on the packaging or shipping material so your customers know it came from your esteemed brand. We make extensive efforts to make this possible by offering various ways in which you can brand our white-labelled products with your own Neck label branding, customized shipping labels and customized shipping bag stickers.

Neck label Branding

Neck label branding is available for selected apparel items. You can have neck labels printed on demand with your orders. Look out for the items with tear-away labels; you can find their relevant branding options on the ‘Branding’ tab on the product page. We also extend a cost leverage for bulk orders where you can pre-print your neck labels in bulk while we take care of the storage and application of your labels for your orders. 

Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are also available to showcase your esteemed brand. When we say that our name will not be visible anywhere and your customers will know it came from your brand, we really mean it! Our shipping labels and courier airway bills will have your Store Name as the shipper name for your customers. The shipping address will be that of our Printing facility address where your orders are shipped from only for Compliance purposes and returns management. All this is included for all orders at no additional fee.

Shipping Bag Sticker

Branding the shipping bag with your brand’s customized logo or stickers are available to increase your brand-to-customer engagement. 

Click here to learn more about our branding options. 

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