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How can I order samples?

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Once you successfully logged into Merchful, you can start placing orders for samples. You can order samples simply by selecting the products you would like, and uploading a clear mockup of the printing that would be required and the relevant artworks for each side. You can also add any notes if required in the notes section. Below are step-by-step instructions for ordering samples on Merchful.

1- Login to with your username and password

2- Navigate to the “Products” page by clicking the link on the top

3- Select the Base Product you would like to order

4- Select the desired color from the available options at the color table 

5- Select the size from the available sizes 

6- Click on “Upload Mockup & Design” to
a) Type the design name
b) Upload the mock-up design
c) Upload the design file in high quality “.png / .jpg / .jpeg / .pdf / .psd  files only – Max 5 mb per file”

7- Click on “Additional sides” If you would like to apply a design on other sides, such as:
a) Back-side
b) Inside/Outside Neck-Label
C) Left/Right Sleeve

8- If you would like to use Embroidery as a printing method, click on “Embroidery” and select how many side you want to use Embroidery as a printing method.

9- Click on “Notes/Comments” If you want to leave a comment to production team.

10- Select the quantity desired, then “Add to Cart“.

11- Navigate to “View Cart” in order to proceed with checkout, payment and shipping information.

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