How do I report a problem in my order?

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Merchful has a well-established reporting system to help us to provide you with the proper action needed in case you have any problem with your order.

What types of problems you may face?

A) If you have an issue with the product/print sent to your client and you would like to return the order.
Solution: You should send an email to (subject: order number – Return order) & (attached photos of the issue).

B) If you didn’t receive the order in the assigned SLA due to courier/production issue.
Solution: You should send an email to (subject: order number – Late order).

C) If you face any technical problem with our platform while placing the order.
Solution: You should get in touch with Nagi, as he will solve the issue asap.

– The claim must be submitted within 1 week after receiving the order

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