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Returning Policy:

Merchful is always keen on making our clients satisfied all the time, that’s why we designed a returning policy that should meet with your needs.

Cases you can return the order:
1- It has a printing error
2- A defect with the fabrics
3- Error with the production (wrong base product – color – size – printing area).

” If one of the above scenarios is applicable for a certain situation, we will print another product with the same specs and will ship it to your customer on our expense.

Cases we can’t accept return the order:
1- If you want to change the size, however, the delivered product is made as per your request.
2- If you placed the wrong information and want to return this order.
3- If your end-user lost interest at the item/s ” not for a production reason ” and you want to return the item/s

For such cases, you will be charged for the corrective action by submitting a new order.

Please note that Merchful is not a marketplace where you can sell products, that’s why we can’t accept the above cases since we will be able to sell those products.

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