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How do we pay for POD orders?

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Orders are paid at the time of placing the order with us or at the time we receive your order, either via email or via an integration such as on Shopify. The order’s value will be deducted directly from your Merchful wallet. In-case there is insufficient balance in your wallet, the order will be put on hold and you will be notified within 1-2 working days that your wallet needs to be topped up. 

We recommend keeping your Merchful wallet topped up to avoid delays in processing orders. Wallet funds can be returned at any time if un-used less any transaction fees.

In order to top-up your wallet, you can follow the below steps:

1- Hover on the “Dashboard” link on the header of the website
2- Select “Wallet”
3- Scroll down, then click on “Wallet top-up”
4- Insert the desired amount to top-up and click “Add”
5- Proceed to checkout as normal and complete the payment

Note: All branding elements purchased in bulk are charged in advance and can be paid directly or via your wallet balance. Any storage/application fees for branding elements may be charged on a monthly basis to your wallet balance and/or card.

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