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How to integrate with Shopify

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How it works?

The Shopify integration links your store and selected products with the Merchful platform automatically; which means once you receive an order on your store, it will be forwarded to us directly and once we accept the order we will print, pack, ship it to your customer, noting that the customer wouldn’t know that it came from us.

What needs to be done before setting-up the Shopify integration?

You need to prepare a few steps before setting-up the integration as below:

1. Select a base product
. Once logged in with your Merchful profile, you can create your own merch line on our platform by select a product from the range of our base products, upload your design file and click on add to catalog button. If you already have products set up on Shopify, you can share an export of that with us to set up your products on our system.

2. Create your product SKU. After click on add to catalog button, a window will pop up to update your product name, SKU, variations you want to add color or sizes, printing method preferences then click add product.  Wait for your Merchful representative to activate your new product.

3. Update your Shopify products with the activated product SKU that you created while adding your product to the catalog.

Once that is done, here are the steps to integrate with the Merchful app

  1. Login to your store platform on Shopify
  2. Install the Merchful application on your Shopify store (the install link will be provided by your Merchful representative)
  3. Ensure all of your Shopify products are updated with the ‘Final SKU’ (if not done already)
  4. Open the Merchful app from your Shopify Admin Apps section
  5. Go to “Products” and click “Add Product”. You can also click “Add Product” right from the Dashboard
  6. Select all the products you want to add for POD & Fulfillment by Merchful, and click Add on the top
  7. Merchful will now review all submitted products to ensure the details and SKUs (this takes approximately 1-2 working days at most)
  8. Once the products are approved they are marked ‘Active’. Once a product is active, any orders you receive for that product will be received by Merchful for fulfillment ✔

– In-case the submitted product was not approved, we will be in touch with the reason. In most cases this is because of an incorrect SKU or incorrect product variants such as color/sizes
– If you prefer to manually send orders to Merchful for fulfillment each time, you can disable ‘Auto-fulfillment’ in the Settings tab on the Merchful app. In this case, you would need to click the ‘Send for fulfillment’ icon for each order in the Merchful App Orders page that you’d like us to process

How can I pay for orders from Shopify?

We always advise our clients to have sufficient balance on their Merchful wallet (which is managed here at for any received orders (Learn more about topping-up your wallet) to avoid any delays in processing.

In case you don’t have sufficient balance in your wallet you will receive a notification from our system within 1 working day. Your order will be placed on the Merchful system as Pending Payment or On Hold. Upon adding funds to your wallet or directly paying for the outstanding order, we will then count that as the order date and processing will begin from then.

Can I make any edits to the order submitted?

This could be done by two ways:

A) Check here how to edit your order.

B) Cancel your order ” see the cancellation instructions below ” and re-create the order once again.

Can I edit the linked products?

No, once a product is linked, any edits will not be sync’ed to your added products on Merchful. If you would like to edit any linked products, you would need to unlink/delete the product on the Merchful app within your Shopify admin, and re-submit it for approval. This is only required if the edits involve a change in the product SKU, product design/mockup or the color/size variants available.

How can I cancel an order from Shopify?

You can only cancel orders that are not yet ‘In Process’. You can cancel orders by following the below steps:

  1. In the Merchful app, click on the Orders tab
  2. Check the status of the order you would like to cancel:
    A) If the cancel button is active > Simply click to cancel the order
    B) If the cancel button is dimmed > Please check this article for further info.
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