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How it works?

The integration helps to link your store with Merchful platform automatically; which means once you receive an order on your store, It will be forwarded to us directly and we will accept the order then print, package, ship it to the end-user (your customer) noting that the customer wouldn’t know that it came from us!

What needs to be done before setting-up Shopify?

You need to prepare some steps before setting-up the integration such as:
1. Downloading Merchful app ” The link will be shared with you by our representative “
2. Defining the products & designs.
3. Updating the final SKU from the generated SKU by our system.

How can you link your Shopify store to Merchful?

  1. Login to your store platform on Shopify.
  2. Download Merchful application & Install it.
  3. Change your products’ SKUs in Shopify from ” Final SKU ” in Merchful’s google sheet.
  4. Go to products > Add products.
  5. Select all the products you want to add.
  6. Check all the variants ( color & size ) to match with the one in google sheet.
  7. Add the selected products to Merchful.
  8. Wait for those products to get approved from Merchful.
  9. Re-work from (step 5) if any product get rejected ” Reason will be declared “.
  10. Voila! your store is now linked to Merchful.

How can I pay for orders from Shopify?

We always advise our clients to have sufficient balance on the wallet for any received orders (Check how to top-up your wallet).

In case you don’t have sufficient balance in your wallet you’ll receive a notification from our system within 1-2 days, which would cause a delay to your order, since the order will not be processed unless the payment is settled ” on-hold order “.

Can I make any edits to the order submitted?

This could be done by two ways:

A) Check here how to edit your order.

B) Cancel your order ” see the cancellation instructions below ” and re-create the order once again.

Can I edit the linked products?

No, you can’t edit the linked products, unless you will edit the original product then we link it instead of the old one.

How can I cancel an order from Shopify?

You can cancel your order if you follow the below steps:

  1.  Go to Main Menu
  2. Click on ” Orders “.
  3. Check the status of the order you would like to cancel
    A) If the cancel button is active > Proceed and cancel.
    B) If the cancel button is dimmed > Please check this article for further info.
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