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How long does it take to deliver my shipment?

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We ship worldwide from our print location in Dubai, UAE. Orders are processed within 2-4 working days (Monday-Friday) and handed over to our courier partners. We use express courier services only (no postal services)  to ensure that shipments are delivered on-time and are track-able. 

The current processing rate for complete orders over the past 2-3 months are as follows.

Processing DaysOrders Shipped 
1 working day15%
2 working days60%
3 working days90%
4 working days100%


The average shipment lead time varies as per the Shipping location. 

LocationAverage Delivery Time
UAE1-2 Business days
GCC2-4 Business days
Middle East3-6 Business days
Rest of world4-8 Business days

For the total order delivery time please add the processing time with the average delivery time based on the delivery location.

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