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How to get started with our Print on Demand & Fulfillment Services

You sell on any platform

We know that everyone has a different preference of where to sell and where their target audience might be. No matter where you sell, you can utilize our print on demand & fulfillment services to their fullest. We have optimized our processes to allow maximum flexibility in receiving orders.

Our process

Receiving your orders

After defining your products and setting up your store or sales channel, our team will be ready to receive your orders. Depending on your channel, we would either integrate directly or have a simple order process for you to follow to send in your orders.

Processing your orders

Our print team validates all orders asap upon receiving them. If all looks good, they go straight into the print queue. Our print time is only 2-3 working days.

Learn more about printing methods here.

Branding & Packaging

If you selected any branding options, we would ensure they are all in place at the time of packing your orders for shipment.

Learn more about Branding options here.


Orders are shipped in plain white poly mailer bags, all white-label so your customers don’t know it is coming from Merchful. You also have the option to add your own branded stickers on these bags.

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